Awarded by the United Nations in 2011

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    Huahai Vitiligo Hospital was awarded a demonstration base for scientific research, diagnosis and treatment by the United Nations agency

    On November 15, 2011, China’s traditional Chinese medicine treatment industry received good news. Huahai Vitiligo Hospital was awarded the “Vitiligo Research Demonstration Base” and “Vitiligo Diagnosis and Treatment” by the United Nations World Peace Foundation for its strong scientific research strength and outstanding achievements in treatment of the disease. Demonstration Center". Wang Mantang, executive chairman of the United Nations World Peace Foundation, and Chen Guangbiao, vice chairman of the foundation and a well-known national philanthropist, went to Binzhou to hold a grand plaque award ceremony. The relevant leaders of Binzhou attended.

    At the awarding ceremony, Wang Mantang, executive chairman of the United Nations World Peace Foundation, spoke highly of the great achievements made by Huahai Vitiligo Hospital in the field of treatment of diseases. He pointed out that after more than ten years of scientific and technological research, Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has creatively put forward the theory of "black and white with the same disease, black and white with the same treatment" for treating vitiligo, and has successfully developed a new technology for the treatment of vitiligo with "black and white with the same treatment". The level has reached the domestic leading level, and has been included in the high-tech torch program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the protection of the intangible cultural heritage of Chinese medicine. The cured patients are spread all over the country and more than 120 countries and regions in the world. Due to its strong scientific research strength, green safety, and core technology for treating both symptoms and root causes, the hospital was approved by the Foundation as a vitiligo research and development demonstration base and diagnosis and treatment center.


    Licensing Ceremony of the United Nations Organization Vitiligo Research and Diagnosis and Treatment Demonstration Base

    According to Chairman Wang, as one of the major social and medical organizations of the United Nations, the World Peace Foundation has the dual identity of engaging in social work and medical research and promotion. Its purpose is to maintain world peace, promote social progress, and promote the development of rehabilitation medicine. In order to eliminate human diseases, the foundation continuously excavates and selects medical green high-tech from all over the world, and promotes scientific research and technical cooperation among countries around the world by establishing demonstration bases. After Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is confirmed as a base, the foundation will promote the overall upgrade of TCM treatment technology through measures such as supporting base construction, providing an international exchange platform, and financial policy support, so that excellent TCM culture will benefit mankind.

    Relevant leaders of Binzhou City delivered a speech at the awarding ceremony, pointing out that the United Nations World Peace Foundation has established a "Vitiligo Research Demonstration Base" and a "Diagnosis and Treatment Demonstration Center" in our city. This is a major and happy event in the development of the city's Chinese medicine industry. Hope Huahai Vitiligo Hospital fulfills its mission and seizes opportunities to complete various scientific research and diagnosis and treatment tasks assigned by the foundation, and earnestly accomplish all tasks, setting an example for the fast and good development of the city's TCM treatment of leucorrhea.

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