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In order to deepen the integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation, Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospital and Peking University Boya Health Industry College joined forces to jointly establish the "Peking University Boya Huahai Vitiligo Rehabilitation College". On September 28, the inauguration ceremony of the college and doctoral supervisor group workstation was held in Binzhou Hotel. More than 300 related leaders, experts and guests attended the meeting.


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The Peking University Boya Huahai Vitiligo Rehabilitation College was inaugurated and established, realizing the strong integration of Peking University, one of the highest educational institutions in China, and the leading institution in the Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo industry, in order to integrate the advantages of “production, study and research” in the Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo industry and cultivate new The development momentum of the company has made new contributions to serving human health.


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The vitiligo industry has entered a new era of "industry-university-research" integration and development

School-enterprise cooperation is one of the important strategies for the development of higher education in our country, and it is also an inherent requirement and strategic measure for enterprise development and progress under the new situation. Peking University Boya, as a direct production, education and research unit of Peking University, takes the realization of customer value as the ultimate goal, provides customers with systematic management consulting and high-end management training, and comprehensively helps enterprises, entrepreneurs and senior management personnel to complete self-breakthrough and transcendence and realize together The ambitious vision of corporate development and social progress.

The hospital has always adhered to the excellent educational pedigree of Peking University, relying on the most advanced international teaching concepts and industry standards, and continuously cultivated comprehensive medical practical talents with good professional ethics and humanistic qualities for the society.


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Peking University Boya Huahai Vitiligo Rehabilitation College unveiled

Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is a leading institution in the field of Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo in my country. The hospital ranks among the top in the industry in terms of overall R&D strength, technical level, and service capabilities. The Chinese medicine "black and white with the same treatment" new technology for the treatment of vitiligo independently developed by the hospital has been verified by experts and clinical trials, and its clinical efficacy has reached the international leading level. Hundreds of thousands of patients have been recovered using this technology, and the service covers 120 countries around the world.


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Peking University Liberal Arts Institute of Health Industry Unveils the Doctoral Supervisor Team Workstation

The powerful combination of Peking University Boya and Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has realized the cooperation of universities, scientific research institutions and industries. By leveraging their respective advantages, they have formed a powerful advanced system integrating research, development, and production, and through the comprehensive advantages of industry-university-research The integration of scientific research on vitiligo diseases and the application and promotion of scientific results.


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Peking University Boya Huahai Vitiligo Rehabilitation College signed a strategic cooperation agreement with partner units

Build a "core team" of Chinese medicine to serve patients' health

Cheng Aihua, president of Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, said that through the cooperation between the hospital and Peking University, Peking University's scientific research and talent advantages can be better utilized, and the overall technical level and service capabilities of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of vitiligo can be improved. At the same time, after 25 years of continuous accumulation, Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has formed a set of treatment theories and practical techniques. In the future, it will use Peking University's high-quality teaching resources to carry out technical training across the country, build a "core team", and participate in the participation of Peking University members across the country. The establishment of a platform for entrepreneurial development of traditional Chinese medicine will provide opportunities for more companies to use the practical technology of traditional Chinese medicine to invest and start businesses abroad. At the same time, they can also cultivate new industrial momentum through education and medical services, and attract colleagues from all over the country to start businesses in Binzhou.

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A group photo of the college’s distinguished doctoral experts

Dean Cheng also said that the hospital, as a leading enterprise and scientific research base in the vitiligo industry in the country, welcomes outstanding graduates of Peking University to Huahai to display their talents and contribute their wisdom to the development of the Chinese medicine industry.

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